Candy Fall slot overview

It appears this game was canceled.

Tetris, along with literature and space exploration, is one of Russia’s greatest achievements. Tetris, invented by Soviet software programmer Alexey Pajitnov, is an easy-to-learn, addictive game that won the world over. SG Digital/Red7’s Tetris Extreme includes the renowned Tetris Song ‘Korobeiniki’, while Blueprint Gaming’s Candy Fall exploited its main themes. Maybe gambling and Tetris will make something cheesy, but you never know. Want to test the hypothesis?

Candy Fall’s initial viewing elicited a ‘huh’ from Geralt of Rivia. Candy Fall throws a surprise despite its common theme of a pleasant, candy-filled world of sugary objects and a terrain that bobs up and down distractingly. Two pink and white striped boxed game spaces in the centre of the screen are the surprise.

Candy Fall does not spin reels on a grid. Instead, the left box displays individual shapes, whereas the right 6×6 box is initially filled with shapes neatly packed to fit the area. The left-hand grid displays 12 forms, 3 at a time, in each game round. Individually clicking on them removes the form from the right-hand box. Click Reveal All to skip clicking and speed things up.

6 reward values are at the right-hand box top. Prize values decline to the lowest place when forms are deleted. Prizes are provided for cleared columns. Game rounds have different values, and you can win many prizes. Each round, participants can bet 10 p/c to £/€10. While doing so, they may expect a 95% potential return and little volatility.

Candy Fall Slot Features

Candy Fall’s qualities are like shaking the final Skittle out of the packet and eating it right away. Only a bonus feature needs to be discussed. Top of the grid prizes in the main game include ‘Bonus’. When the ‘Bonus’ award hits the bottom of the box, the bonus function activates. The bonus involves picking one of three chocolate bombs to reveal a surprise. End of story.

Candy Fall: Slot Results

Ever been neck deep in an epic game of Tetris with shapes raining down at breakneck speeds where your conscious mind has switched off, handing controls over to an instinctual link between eyes and fingers as you nip a square here, a four-position line there, rotate a ‘L’ shaped block over there, so that somehow, somehow, despite the ludicrous pace, you keep making lines to prevent blocks from reaching the top, ending the game?

Candy Fall is different. Quite the reverse. Even when pressing Reveal All to end the round, the pace is sluggish. You should also expect several dead spins or low-value winners. Who has time to click shapes individually? Another issue is Candy Fall’s fate. Where is all this shape clicking going? Unfortunately, not far, as the paytable shows. Scroll down to see the maximum win per game: 250,000 currency or 251x the wager. Since the max stake is £/€10, we expect the 251x first.

Blueprint Gaming’s initial experience is fine; nice on them for trying. Since the past two Blueprint Gaming games we evaluated were generic Megaways slots, it was surprising. Originality isn’t always nice, like in fashion’s extremes. Candy Fall’s snail-paced tempo and minimal win potential may appeal to certain players, but it’s one of the least entertaining, exciting, and thrilling games we’ve seen in a while.






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